Fall Ballin’

Welp! It’s Fall again! Time to call out to all you shy people who watch our videos, ride by on occasion, look up polo products online, secretly building a bike, ball on your own in your alley/parking lots. COME OUT! We get a lot of emails asking when we play, and we get someone every now and then thats been wanting to stop by our court, but this is about to be the perfect time to start playing polo!

Very little out of town travel, League play is done for now, we’ve got at least 4 newbies that have started in the past two weeks and we want more! Let us guide you into the poloverse. We make good friends we promise! Be ready for the spring season, and join us at the Lock-in, regional tourneys, exchange weekends with other cities! Ladies!!! We need more for Ladies Army, this year in Toronto!

The more new people that come out the easier we can arrange newbie games to lesson any sense of intimidation on the court for you guys. So let’s all get better together!

Garfield Park (Madison and Central Park) by the tennis courts

Sunday after 2pm/Wednesday after 6pm    

Just show up! It’s great to know when you are or want to come, but just showing up always works too!

The easiest way to get at us is through our Facebook group. We have at least 3 admins. I’m sure one of us can email you back!