Thank you to our valued Sponsors!
Fleet Velo Polo Bikes
Lawyer Jim Freeman

CBP is currently persuing sponsorship to help build our team progress for the coming Spring season. We have been working hard with all of our players to strengthen and build our tournament team crops and make all of our players successful! Help us, help them! Looking to add sponsors to our jerseys!

Sponsorship is very important to the success of our club! As an integrated asset in the community, CBP is committed to working with our neighbors to promote a positive presence, and to keep Chicago awesome!

We are inspired by local businesses and the overwhelming achievements that have made, and continue to make, Chicago a beautiful and thriving metropolis. Cyclists, and non-cyclists alike, help maintain the path for successful living by creating opportunities in biking, whether for commuting, artistry, racing, fitness, or awareness, the goal is to always be safe and have fun.

We take pride in our community and continue to be motivated by its patrons. Whether interested in sponsorship or a small donation, your contribution will insure that CBP remains an important fixture in the community. Composed of passionate and strong individuals with a want for success, CBP loves you! We look forward to hearing from you!
Forward all inquires concerning price and availabilty to:

Email: cocopolochicago@gmail.com

Subject line: Sponsorship-Attention Coco

Update:  Hey everyone! It seems my gmail was not working(hacked) but is now fixed. I’m sorry for any emails I haven’t received or late responses! If you have any questions, I should be getting your mail now! Thank you for your patience, and see you at the courts!!


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