New Players, Old Friends

Hey Poloverse! We’ve been busy, but wanted to take a moment to throw up a quick update! Congrats to our 85 Bears! Chris, Megan, and Dave! They made us all here in Chicago very proud at North Americans!   With the passing of Ladies Army and NAs, we look forward to the fall and winter months. (Yes … Continue reading »

Fall Ballin’

Welp! It’s Fall again! Time to call out to all you shy people who watch our videos, ride by on occasion, look up polo products online, secretly building a bike, ball on your own in your alley/parking lots. COME OUT! We get a lot of emails asking when we play, and we get someone every now and … Continue reading »

Indy Bound!

 Jeny and Jerod are leaving us for Indianapolis! Jeny has gotten a great opportunity in advancing with SRAM and we couldn’t be happier for her! We will miss all of their love, support, energy, cats! and of course the boys Scout and Kurtis! This isn’t farewell by a long shot! But we, as a club, and as … Continue reading »

Beginner’s Run!

CBP and TinyFix have teamed up to bring the public a day of beginner’s polo. We will be providing the essentials: Bikes, mallets, good vibes! Who is behind the League of bike polo? What are the rules? How do you play? Get on a bike and let’s discuss while teaching you the basics!    You of course are welcome to bring … Continue reading »

Opening Day!!

So we’ve been a busy little club! Traveling here and there and having a blast with our comrades across the Midwest! This weekend something big is happening and our club would like to extend an open invitation to the community! It’s Opeing Day Festivus! The weather has been amazing and CBP is ready to celebrate Spring like we … Continue reading »