New Players, Old Friends

Hey Poloverse!

We’ve been busy, but wanted to take a moment to throw up a quick update! Congrats to our 85 Bears! Chris, Megan, and Dave! They made us all here in Chicago very proud at North Americans!  

With the passing of Ladies Army and NAs, we look forward to the fall and winter months. (Yes we play year round) We’ve been blessed lately with a slew of newbies, and could always use a few more! We want to create a strong and competitive club, but of course having fun while doing it! Its a fun easy time in our year round season! We will be attending the Decatur shuffle this weekend, a no team tournament, meant to really challenge us all as individual players, but is one of those, all fun tournaments we all look forward to! And there is camping!!


NEW PLAYERS: We’d love to have more new people come out, anytime, Wed after 6pm, or Sundays after 1pm. Send us your email address and we can add you to our notification list. We like to check the number of people coming to practices/pick-up/newbie nights to make sure you aren’t alone! This is incredibly useful when there are tournaments we plan on being out of town for, weather conditions, time off…etc.  I’d like to create a new player email list, so everyone could come on the same days, to do some skill building and basic fundametals! Email me personally so I may compile this list! Please include your name and currently availability. Subject title: Polo Newbie. If enough people can come on the same days, we can get some vets to meet up with you and start from the beginning one night a week, if you do not feel comfortable coming to our regularly scheduled practices.






Fall Ballin’

Welp! It’s Fall again! Time to call out to all you shy people who watch our videos, ride by on occasion, look up polo products online, secretly building a bike, ball on your own in your alley/parking lots. COME OUT! We get a lot of emails asking when we play, and we get someone every now and then thats been wanting to stop by our court, but this is about to be the perfect time to start playing polo!

Very little out of town travel, League play is done for now, we’ve got at least 4 newbies that have started in the past two weeks and we want more! Let us guide you into the poloverse. We make good friends we promise! Be ready for the spring season, and join us at the Lock-in, regional tourneys, exchange weekends with other cities! Ladies!!! We need more for Ladies Army, this year in Toronto!

The more new people that come out the easier we can arrange newbie games to lesson any sense of intimidation on the court for you guys. So let’s all get better together!

Garfield Park (Madison and Central Park) by the tennis courts

Sunday after 2pm/Wednesday after 6pm    

Just show up! It’s great to know when you are or want to come, but just showing up always works too!

The easiest way to get at us is through our Facebook group. We have at least 3 admins. I’m sure one of us can email you back!

League schedule and pick-up changes

I know, I know, it has been a minute since a new post, but we’ve all been busy! New members coming in working hard and killing it on the court, along with some sad departures from Chicago, but! Chicago Bike Polo stays strong, and fortunately they haven’t moved too far!

This coming weekend, a few of us will be heading out to Decatur for the big shuffle tournament, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be polo in town! A note though for those wanting to participate in pick-up:

Starting this weekend as well, 7/28, we will begin (hopefully) League play. League play will run every Sunday with first game at noon and second game at 1:30pm.

Teams for league play have already been drafted within the available and interested players in our club. Therefore, once League is done, pick-up will begin.

The schedule as of now:


 N: Team 1 vs. Team 3         1:30: Team 4 vs. Team 2


N: Team 1 vs. Team 5          1:30: Team 2 vs. Team 3



N: Team 1 vs. Team 4          1:30: Team 5 vs. Team 3


N: Team 2 vs. Team 5          1:30: Team 3 vs. Team 4


N: Team 4 vs. Team 5         1:30:  Team 1 vs. Team 2 

9/8 and 9/15 PLAYOFFS


Indy Bound!

 Jeny and Jerod are leaving us for Indianapolis! Jeny has gotten a great opportunity in advancing with SRAM and we couldn’t be happier for her! We will miss all of their love, support, energy, cats! and of course the boys Scout and Kurtis!

This isn’t farewell by a long shot! But we, as a club, and as friends have appreciated everything Jerod and Jeny have done to keep this club successful! Whether it be fundraising, dealing with lights, promoting, shirts, trips, parties, bike maintenance, etc. they have been a dream team and two of the most pleaseant people to know! 

Treat them good Indy!!

Beginner’s Run!

CBP and TinyFix have teamed up to bring the public a day of beginner’s polo. We will be providing the essentials: Bikes, mallets, good vibes!

Who is behind the League of bike polo? What are the rules? How do you play? Get on a bike and let’s discuss while teaching you the basics!   

You of course are welcome to bring your own bike, but a break down of your own bikes requirements to play safely:

No bullhorns, bar ends must be capped, you can ride fixed(some people do it)  but brakes are required, free wheel is highly recommended and most common. sharp edges suck, exposed chain rings can hurt :(  

If you have elbow or knee pads, gloves, a helmet- these are all wonderful wonderful things! But we have them too if you don’t!

 Left-handed, right-handed, doesn’t matter! Height, Weight-doesn’t matter! Just a willingness to hang out and try something new with bikes!

Where: Garfield Park -Near the corner of Central Park Drive and Madison in the park by the tennis courts and basketball court

When: June 2nd at High Noon

Visit:   TinyFix

 or visit our event page:





Opening Day!!

So we’ve been a busy little club! Traveling here and there and having a blast with our comrades across the Midwest! This weekend something big is happening and our club would like to extend an open invitation to the community!

It’s Opeing Day Festivus! The weather has been amazing and CBP is ready to celebrate Spring like we do.

LOCATION: Garfield Park Home Court 
We want to cook out, beer it up and play polo!
Polo not required of course to our new friends who would just enjoy a fun day in the sun with us! Beer either! But everyone gets hungry and we love you guys! Just fun, no pressure and a humble gathering to celebrate the polo community and all of our friends and fans that just want to hang out!    
 Milwaukee, Decatur, and Dekalb..we are looking at you guys too! Everyone is invited and don’t be shy, bring some friends of your own as well. 3 2 1 POLO!