Riverside Recap!

Well done team, and to Jason for sharing his first official tourney experience! Welcome sir!!

The 3rd annual Riverside bike polo tournament was held on Saturday March 30th in Lafayette, Indiana. The tournament was split into two classes, with the A-class games being played at the Riverside Skating Center and all but the final and semifinal B-class games played a mile and a half down the road at Shamrock Park. Temperatures approached 60F, sunshine was abundant and good times were had by all.

The offering of a “B-class” at a tourney was something new to the sport of hardcourt bike polo, and early reports indicate it was well received. This system allowed beginner/intermediate players a chance to compete against similarly matched teams, instead of having to face mostly highly skilled veteran players.

I had the distinct pleasure of competing in the B-class for my very first tournament experience. In true bike polo fashion, our team (Sex With A Helmet) was created the day before the tournament, and included Chicago’s own Kayla Story and Mick Costello.

The tournament was set to start at 9am, and Mick and I arrived at Shamrock Park at 8am. Little known fact about Lafayette, Indiana.. their time is 1 hour ahead of Chicago time, and mild panic set in as we realized we weren’t early, but late. Luckily things were fairly relaxed (behind schedule) at the B courts, so everything was fine. We paid our registration fee and warmed up while waiting for Kayla, who arrived shortly thereafter, wearing pajamas and parking mostly sideways in a handicap spot. We had some breakfast beers for strength and got ready to do the damn thang.

Our first match was against “Peaches” and their speed proved to be too much for us. We failed to dictate the pace of the game and lost by a score of 1-5. None of us are very fond of losing, so we decided not to do that anymore. So we won our next two matches 5-1 and 5-1, then did a round of whiskey shots with our 4th round opponents before beating them 5-2. That ended the Swiss rounds and secured our spot as the 3rd seed (out of 12 teams). We then battled Decatur Illinois’ very own Handsome Boy Polo Club in the quarterfinals, and beat them 2-1. This was a particularly satisfying victory because it meant we earned the right to play on the A-court (Riverside Skating Center) in front of some of the best players in the Midwest. When our game was called we took the court and gave it everything we had, but we ultimately came up short, losing to “Hostess Urinal Cake” by a score of 2-3. Hostess Urinal Cake was then bested by “Kazza” in the B-class final match by a score of 0-5, and Dyngus: A Taste of Poland (Chris Williams CHI, Matt Lane CHI, Kremin MKE) beat The Makers 5-3 in a particularly exciting A-class finale. Champagne and fireworks followed, along with an awards ceremony in which Chicago’s Kayla Story won female MVP.