Save-the-date Austin Tourney recap!

Kayla gives us a little insight on polo and Austin,TX! glad you guys had a blast! Welcome home!

 When you say that you are going to take a 19 hour drive for just 3 days worth of vacation, most people look at you like your crazy. But when you play the game we so dearly love, you know 3 days is plenty worth it. My teammate and I showed up the day before the Austin Save the Date co-ed tournament and helped (very little admittedly) set up the two courts adjacent from a big tennis club. We reveled in the dust and sun of Downtown Austin; no complaints of the drive time were made since we could wear shorts for the first time in months!

Complete with dildo ring toss games, bloody mary’s, neon, and greatness, this weekend was the best first Wedding weekend I’ve ever attended. The Austin ladies, well known for their party prowess, can also throw a mean co-ed tourney. A great kick off to the season I’m glad that they decided to make this a fun event that showed off the local flair of everyone involved.
Britt Willey (recently lost to MKE) and I had a great time being bridesmaids. So much so that we won awards for best Bridesmaids and our third Brian Bolles walked away with something along the lines of the “most helpful” award. Being the ONLY team with two ladies, we walked away proud and ended our vacation in 5th place! A long Sunday!Amazing trip!

More pictures to be found on Flickr  @thekaylastory

Swap Footage

We were warmly welcomed at the Chicago Bike Swap, and can’t wait to reunite with everyone that was interested in beginning polo! We were able to connect to the cycling community like never before, and appreciate the Swap for giving our rag tag crew a chance!  An awesome on-looker was kind enough to take some video of our pick-up demo. We wanted to demonstrate the basics of the game, rules, and comrodery of the sport. Sorry, no hard shots!! Had to keep the crowd safe 😉    

Chicago Bike Polo Demo

Thank you James!

Oh Canada!

Lomax went on a Canadian adventure this past weekend!


He went to Toronto two weekends ago and played in a polo tournament at the Toronto International Bike Show, while we here enjoyed our own bike swap!

His awesome teammates were Paul from New York and Javier from Boston.  They took second, after only losing to the Mallets of Mayhem (Alexis, Robbie, and Chris from Ottawa) the entire weekend.

The final game  was tight, ending with a half court shot from Chris Proulx for a final score of 5-4!

More tournament updates from our players to come, as we begin to travel more this season!