Thank you St. Louis!

Just one of many moments from a long 24 hours. A successful Lock-in, a first for myself, Mick and Ben. We all stayed awake. Thank you endless beer and coffee! I’m pretty sure it’s 2am. I wanted to throw this up to show some love, yay for cell phone video. Get it Kayla!


Get to know your Newbie (5)

 Welcome Louise!






 Name: Louise aka Weezie

Born: Joliet, IL

Current location: Homer Glen

Age: 21

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 135

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Likes: Anything that has two wheels, good beer, traveling.

Dislikes: Bugs, swimming in lakes with fish, papercuts.

You and Polo, What’s that about?I was introduced to bike polo in Louisville, KY last May in 2012, so I haven’t quite been playing for a year yet. Basically, Zach Roberts let me play on his pink bike in the garage off of Chestnut, he lowered the seat and I ran into walls. Ever since then, all I want to do is play polo. I’ve only played in one tournament (Mitten Mayhem in Grand Rapids) but I did tag along to others last year too (The Wingman and Turducken). I plan on raising my tournament count this year, for sure. I love riding bikes and traveling, and bike polo is the best of both worlds…and I’m a tad bit competitive so that’s what drives me to play more and progress, as well.

Out of the Office!

The time is here and now! Locked-in and playing hard!

Chicago Bike Polo is out of town this weekend on account of the Annual St. Louis Lock-in! Pre-party check. good friends check. Good times ahead? Definitely!Let’s get weird and dance!

Updates and photos to come!



New Year Updates

We hope everyone had a classy holiday season!

 We’re back, but a little smaller (tear) our very own Britt and Ben have moved on and upward! Well, to Milwaukee that is. We love you guys! Lots of mini road trips to you and to us!

10 days til the lock-in!

Roll Call…

Chris W.
…………so almost everyone (kind of)

Hey City dudes!! Fix our lights!! Please?? :(