Get to know your Newbie (4)

Welcome Luis!

Name: Luis D. Serrano II aka (RAS)meaning prince

Born: Tampa,FL HOMETOWN The Chi (all my life)

Current Location: Humboldt Park

Age: 2100

Height: Long Tan and Handsome

Weight: 169lb But I’m a wall

Hair: Asexual

Eyes: Hulk

likes: bikes trees. The life as I know it and being a bike mechanic.

Dislikes: Assholes

Get to know your Newbie (3)

Welcome Ben!

Name: Ben aka “Angry Ben”

Born: Nashua, NH

Current location: Des Plaines, IL – a terrible place

Age: ¼ century

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 71 kilograms

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Likes: Polo, Partying, Puppies

Dislikes: Jason Campbell, Cops, and Robbers


You and Polo, What’s that about? I began playing bike polo in Richmond, VA in 2009. I lived in Oregon Hill where Richmond Bike polo began in Holly Street Park. I became obsessed with the game immediately. I went from buying scrap parts and
crummy bikes to top of the line equipment very quick as I learned how intense the game could be on the integrity of the bike. I then moved to Norfolk, VA to begin Medical School and started playing there every Wednesday night at 11pm. This was really hard on me since I was torn between staying up late studying followed by polo, which kept me up
even later. Somehow, I made it work and I kept coming out.

It was in Norfolk where I met Charles Sprinkle and Erik Troen, two great friends of mine. We played together a lot and taught each other a lot about the game. Sprinkles pretty much was Norfolk bike polo until he moved away in 2010. Erik has since moved to DC and Sprinks now lives in Charlottesville, VA. With them leaving, it was only right that I drove 1.5 hours every week back up to Richmond to continue my lustful obsession with polo. That was around spring of 2011 and where I really began to understand the game, the bike, the mallet, etc. I was playing up against awesome kids like Nick Vaughn and JT and so many others who really brought me in and coached me into the player I am today.

 It was a blessing when I found out I was going to be in Chicago for the beginning of my medical career and Rob really played a pivotal role in bringing me into the Chicago group. JT from home gave me Rob’s number and pretty much since day one, he has been nothing but helpful and supportive of me playing with the Chicago kids. Pretty much everyone in the club is the nicest person I have ever met. It actually makes me feel like a douche, which I kinda am. But either way. That is where I am today with polo. I’d love to compete more and maybe put a team together, but for now, having a cold beer and rippin shots is what I live for in the Windy City.

Get to know your Newbie (2)

Welcome James!

Name: James Dardugno aka captain hookshot aka moonbeam aka Dugs

Born: Chicago, IL

Current location: Chicago, IL

Age: 28

Height: 6’4″ and shrinking

Weight: 185 and gaining 

Hair: brown

Eyes: brown

Likes: gourmet olives, curries, perpetual motion machines, literature, a good fire  

Dislikes: drama

You and Polo, What’s that about? I started playing a couple years ago in Savannah, Georgia.  I was introduced to the sport by some friends after they kept bothering me for bike parts, if you can imagine why.  It wasn’t much longer until I was a regular. For a variety of reasons we were relegated to playing in the asphalt parking lot of an abandoned Sears.  We only had two walls, the surfaced was sloped, and there was a fault line about every ten feet.  We were the polo equivalent of barefoot children playing soccer with a basketball in some trash ridden alley.  My first polo ride was a mixte.  Regardless, the people were great and the games were fun. I moved back to Chicago about six months ago and have been playing regularly for a few of those.  The club here is great.  I couldn’t imagine a nicer group of people.  I look forward to the good times to come and cherish the good memories I already have.