Zigazig ah..

Competing team: Spice Girls
Kelly, Abraham and Matt Bailey (Louisville, Kentucky)
Tied for 5TH Place

A first time tournament team, Spice Girls, made Chicago proud by participating at Star City in Lafayette, IN.
A twelve hour, one day tournament, formulated into three swiss rounds. Players were vying for seats in the sixteen team, double elimination afternoon brackets on November 10th.

Although Spice Girls were seated 6th in the afternoon brackets, due to a loss to Let’s Get Meth’d Up (St. Louis, MO) 0-1, they played hard against the Rangers (jake, Matt, Thahn MKE) in their first game, forcing a sudden death round.

Spice Girls held a 9min 40second lead at 1-0, until Rangers Jake Newborn scored the tying goal with 20 seconds to go! Spice Girls gave it their all, but lost to a winning goal in sudden death by Matt Hewitt. Finally beaten out by Doc Ellis and the No No’s (Adam ARB, Zachary BLM, Kyle Indy) they left the tournament tied for 5th place. Not to shabby among 16 teams.

More Fun for Players:

Players were given additional opportunities to play in the tournament by jumping into the Insta-Mix. In this, teams were created from the first 3 people on the court who were out, and played against a team still competing for a top spot. If the Insta-Mix team won, the other team got a buy for that game and moved on to the next round.

In all a solid tournament, and congrats to our friends MKE Bike Polo in their first place win!