Home Court

Welcome to Chicago Bike Polo!

We are the local club, encouraging others to get involved with the cycle sport, the community, and just try and have fun year round! Our primary playing season is Spring, with major tournaments in early Summer. Fall and Winter, are great seasons to join, meet other players, and get a grip on the strategy of the game!   



                     We’ve started shoveling out our court! You know what this means!! 2V2 has now become legit pick-up thanks to the efforts of our players pulling together and shoveling the snow and ice out of the way! It might be cold, but as long as new snow fall is minimal, we should be getting back to business on our home turf. Stay tuned!   

                                               Calendar events

Back (Brake) in the Day-Lexington, KY 3/15-16  

3rd 217 Shuffle Spectacular, Decatur, IL 7/26-27


 Don’t forget to check out all the games on http://bikepolo.tv/

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